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— “Juliet, is simply beautiful and one of the loveliest perfumes that I’ve had the pleasure to wear in a long time. It’s as lush as fingers dipped in melted chocolate or honey infused cream. My husband adores it and says that he finds it erotic yet ladylike. I would have to agree with him, because Juliet is as at home with my pearls as it is with my nakedness. It’s the perfume equivalent of gorgeous garters worn under a business suit and it makes me smile every time I notice it.” — Beth Schreibman Gehring, Fragrance Review

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This is a soft clean, no soap, kissed by sparkling citrus, with a hint of sweetness, swirling with faint jasmine, vanilla. The amber and woods in this velvety… buying a bottle of Juliet as I type!! Thanks melissajane!! Julliet by Juliet Stewart a most unique scent! Upon first spritz… instant LOVE… — DebbieB43

Juliet by Juliet Stewart, like a cashmere hug — Melissajane1

Can't resist these glowing reviews. Just ordered a sample of Juliet. — everscents

Glad you all like (love?) Juliet. My Holy Grail, it has to be in my world. — Melissajane1

Glad I wasn't alone with the love at 1st sniff! Glad you like Juliet, too. Enjoy! — pslady

I also fell in love with Juliet with the first spritz! LOVE LOVE LOVE! — helena2

Juliet by Juliet Stewart is the only perfume I've ever finished a bottle of. — Melissajane1

Lyric, Juliet Stewart. — sinsitylola

Yeah… like the way I look like JULIET STEWART when I spritz that, right?? :) — Melissajane1

When I tried Juliet by Juliet Stewart for the first time. If I were monogamous, it would be this — Melissajane1

I just had the great pleasure of speaking to Juliet Stewart on the phone. She is SUCH a genuine, & down-to-earth, positive individual. I think some of that positive energy got channeled into her perfume and that's why her perfume is such a beauty! — helena2

Yay! I think I'm going to start a Juliet Fan Club!) — Melissajane1

Anyone tried Juliet by Juliet Stewart? It's really a beautiful womanly perfume. — mocards

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— “I’ve been waiting for sometime to re-order the Juliet Stewart Perfume. Have used it for about 2-3 years and love it. Please let me know when it will be available. I’m almost out! Thank you.” — Linda- AZ

— “I received the package and wanted to thank you, it is very lovely. I am wearing the Juliet now and it is a very beautiful scent. Thank you.” — Jessi

— “Juliet is right up my alley. I like fragrances that have a combination of citrus and herbs, particularly basil, and I am particularly drawn to woody vanilla and amber scents. Juliet is all of the above. It starts out bright and sunny, then ends up cozy. And it’s a fragrance that both men and women can wear equally well – it smells yummy on my husband too.” — Kathy, a Minx by any other name...

— “Juliet, I want to share a lovely story with you and your fans. As you know, Juliet edp is my "Holy Grail" perfume, the lovliest scent I've found in my search for The Perfect Fragrance. Just before leaving for college, my daughter asked if she could try my Juliet. Without wanting to push her too much, I agreed, nonchale.ntly watching, hoping she'd love it. She did! She loved it so much that she made it her own and brought it with her to college! This was a mother-daughter bonding moment for me: now when I apply my Juliet each day, I love to think that my daughter is sharing the scent with me and I have her nearby, sharing our Juliet! — Melissa Groben

— “OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! It's here! I just got home to your package! I tore it open, but then realized I should test it properly, so I washed my arms entirely. And then I spritzed. Hmmmm!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't think of another fragrance that's similar. It's fresh and yet at the same time very elegant, just very upscale (that's the impression it gives me). I have the urge to go get a bottle NOW! LOL!!! OMG this stuff is gorgeous. GORGEOUS!! I can't thank you enough for getting me into it. LOL!!! ” — Comment from MakeupAlly.com

— “If i had to choose one perfume, at gunpoint, it would be Juliet by juliet stewart” — MakeupAlley Blog

— “It came on Monday, what a wonderful and fast surprise! A true beauty of a scent. Can't wait to come to explore your makeup line my next trip to NY. Thanks — Lauren”

“The Perfume is great! I love it, and so does Evie.

“While I am no expert, it has a clean, refreshing scent, hint of citrus maybe? It seems magical. It reminded me of our trip to Cinque Terre (we got engaged and married in Vernazza), where we picked lemons from the trees while hiking through vinyards and olive groves between little villages (with a few bottles of wine)... ” — Craig

“I passed by your business during the weekend and saw the samples of your new fragrance. I just tried it yesterday and I wanted to complement you. It has personality, memory, sensuality, confidence and its subtlety firm. It makes a statement and an expression, its artistic. The scent is all of those things to me. I wanted to say thank you for bringing back womanhood.” — Elizabeth

“I first read about the Juliet perfume in Oprah magazine, thought I would order a sample and try it. I liked it very much so am going to make Juliet my new perfume.” — Anne

— "Just a note to thank you for such wonderful service & speedy delivery! The Eau De Parfume arrived today & it's even more beautiful than the Eau De Toilette. And much longer lasting!

“Juliet was simply love at first sniff for me. It seems like I've been waiting for a fragrance like this all my life. It is light & airy, with a depth of magical & unique sensuality. It makes me feel good about myself, no small feat these days! Thank you so much for sharing something so personal with us. Juliet, I will always remember your kindness & patience with me, a stranger who you seemed to know so well. You embody your motto. I will always wear this fragrance & be reminded of you & the better person I can become. I will keep in touch, if you don't mind.

“Continued success & hugs from VA,” — Karen.

—"I Love Juliet! Wonderfully Comforting Floral...” — MakeupAlley Blog, 2/5/2010

—“Utterly Feminine...” – MakeupAlley Blog

—“It's Really a Beautiful Womanly Perfume...” — MakeupAlley Blog

— "The sweet, mesmerizing scent of Juliet's perfume on my wife stirs up longing feelings of... warm, sweet kisses, feeling of family, togetherness, committment, passion and security. All the things that are the most important and special pieces of my life." – William.

— "It’s as lush as fingers dipped in melted chocolate or honey infused cream. My husband adores it and says that he finds it erotic yet ladylike. I would have to agree with him, because Juliet is as at home with my pearls as it is with my nakedness. It’s the perfume equivalent of gorgeous garters worn under a business suit and it makes me smile every time I notice it." – Editor Beth Ghering.

— "My little boy hugged me upon arriving home from school as is our normal routine. His arms tightly wound around my shoulders, head dug into my hair and neck and to my surprise after some time would not let go of his embrace. I was relishing in this moment of affection, hoping it would never end. These times often become rare when children grow up into their teen years. While on my knees, reciprocating this tender moment, I asked my son why he wouldn't let go. Still holding me, he pulled back, took a deep breath in and with a look of adoration in his loving brown eyes, he said Mommy you smell so delicious, I don't ever want to stop hugging you! Holding back tears, I silently thanked Juliet for this precious memory. Not a day will go by when I leave the house without spraying Juliet's perfume on as I want to cherish a moment like this everyday." – Jennifer

— I am wearing Juliet daily and love, love, love it! I think it's going to be one that I wear constantly. She is a great inspiration to me even from afar after your wonderful interview of her. Both of you inspire me. — Victoria Austin, in Sniffapalooza Magazine

— It has been a while since you sent me the very first sample;
I can still remember the smell… — Cara

— Simply Beautiful — Chris A.

— All I can think of is a Boudoir – I love it… — Magazine Editor

— Contemporary Classic — Marty

— I have to tell you what my husband Keith said about your perfume - it was also unsolicited – “honey, your perfume says to me , come to me…” So here I am a day later…

— All I can think about is sex…

— It is beautiful and elegant … — Magazine editor

— I have to tell you, I am here to buy your perfume because for the first time in years my husband noticed that I was wearing perfume, and believe me, I have been wearing many through the years. Your sample I had on really caught his attention – so I am here to buy - no matter what the cost…

— I can’t believe I don’t get headaches with your perfume…

— OMG, I felt it in my gut, it is amazingly beautiful… — Carol

— My husband had no problems with allergy, and he can’t stand fragrances… — Geneve

— Truly Sensual…

— Effervescent, vivacious, bubbly, lively, clean, nice and different…

— natural, exotic

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